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Procedure for Forex

No standing in queues.
No worrying about foreign exchange…
FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE now provides you
with foreign exchange, when
you need it, where you need it.

Procedure for Forex
  • Send your forex request at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Our representative will call you within 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays) of our receiving your email. You will be informed about the documents you would be required to furnish and other details regarding the foreign exchange requested by you.
  • Further, our representative will visit you at a convenient time and place to deliver the foreign exchange and to collect payment and other requisite documents from you.

About Forex

Traveller's Cheques
Unless you're travelling to Nepal, you will need to carry some foreign exchange with you on your overseas trip. Indian citizens are entitled to carry a fixed amount of US dollars or its equivalent in other international currencies when they travel abroad.

You can now use Fairsky's forex service to have your money delivered home with minimum fuss and a great deal of convenience.

Be sure to carry a minimum amount in cash to safeguard yourself from loss by theft. When converting one currency to another, preferably do so in either one of the countries where the involved currency is locally used.

Avoid bringing back coins as they are not easily convertible. You may use them on future trips.

Traveller's Cheques

Traveller's Cheques An instrument which is similar to a bearer cheque. You need not convert the same to cash, but can use it across the counter at shops, hotels and other establishments. Currency Your best choice for currency would be that of the destination country.
Traveller's cheques are available in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Deutsche Marks, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Dutch Guilders, French Francs, Japanese Yen and Swiss Francs.
If there are no traveller's cheques in your destination currency, US Dollar traveller's cheques would be the next best option.
Like cash, you can save unused traveller's cheques for future use within 180 days from the date of your return. Please treat your traveller's cheques like you would your cash. Encashment On your return, unused traveller's cheques can be converted to cash at the prevailing rates. In case of lost traveller's cheques, please contact the local issuing office and also the local police within 24 hours and lodge an FIR. Refund If your travellers' cheques are lost or stolen, the issuer will refund their face value provided.



BTQ (Applicable for Holiday Travel)

US$ 10,000 *per calandar year
(earlier US$ 5,000 per calendar year)
BT (Business Travel)

US$ 25,000 *per trip
(Above entitlement irrespective of designation, and duration of trip)
In addition, all travelers will continue to qualify for BQ of US$ 50 per International trip.
Note : * Or equivalent amount

Before Loss

  • You have signed each cheque at the place marked "Signature of the Holder" in indelible ink immediately upon receipt, but have not countersigned any of them.
  • You have safeguarded each cheque against loss or theft as you would a similar amount of your own cash.
  • You have not parted with the cheques voluntarily or as collateral security.

After Loss

  • You notify the issuer within 24 hours of the loss or theft of your cheques, and the local police reporting the circumstances of the loss or theft in such details as may be reasonably required.
  • You supply the Purchaser's receipt copy of the sales advice (PAF), as well as acceptable proof of your identity, when making your refund claim.
  • You complete the appropriate refund claim documents to reasonable satisfaction and sign them in good faith.
  • You agree to co-operate in the investigation of the loss or theft, and in any resulting prosecution.

However the issuer reserves the right to delay refunds during investigation of the loss or theft and will not be liable for any loss or expense caused by such delay. In addition, your cheques will not be refunded by the issuer if they have been seized or confiscated by the state, government, customs, revenue, police, military or other such officials or personnel. The issuer shall not be obliged to stop payment of your traveller's cheques for any reason whatsoever. as