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Naldehra Travel Information

Naldehra (2044m) is a heaven for tourists located at distance of 22 km away from Shimla. It boasts of the oldest 9 hole golf course in the country. The well groomed Golf Course is lovely verdant, perhaps one of the finest and most sporty in India Crowned with a spinging turf the Golf Course here was suggested by Lord Curzzon he was so enchanted by the place that he gave his daughter Alexendra Naldehra as her second name.

It is the venue of many compitetions. It is a spot of great natural beauty. The Nag temple is also situated here and Naldehra means DERA of an 'abode of God Nal'.

How to Get There

The closest airport is at Jubbarhatti, 45 km away. The nearest narrow guage railhead is at Shimla 23 km away. By road Chandigarh is 139 km, Manali is 282 km and Delhi is at a distance of 392 km.

In winter the temperature can drop to below freezing point when eavy woolens are required and in summers light woolens/ cottons are recommended.

Places of Interest in and Around Naldehra

Mashobra (12km)

2148m Motorable on Shimla - Naldehra road, surrounded by thick forests and offers and offers ideal walks. Goddess Durga temple is worth seeing.

Tattapani (30km)

At 656m Famous for hot sulphur springs. The place also has religious importance. These natural sulphur springs are invigorations and have curative values. Himachal Tourism has a restaurant and a Tourist Bungalow at Tattapani.



The rolling greens of Naldehra in Himachal Pradesh are par for the oldest golf course in India. This is an unusual course, perched at a height of 2044 metres, strewn with boulders, trees and little hillocks.

Tall deodars flank the links making Naldehra a wonderful sports venue in the midst of natural beauty. At the turn of the century, Naldehra was "discovered" by the British Viceroy, Lord Curzon who was fascinated by the deodar forests and green-carpeted slopes. Curzon spent many a happy hour romancing Naldehra’s cedar woods, communicating all the while with the British summer capital at Shimla, 23 km away. The idea of laying a golf course on the slopes of an enormous glade took root. The natural topography of the area was just right for a nine-hole golf course, surrounded by deodar woods and a view of the mountains.

Considered one of the more challenging courses in the country, the nine-hole par-68 course has four new greens and a host of tree hazards in the back nine. Today Himachal Tourism maintains the links and it is possible to pay green fees for the day or take temporary, annual and life membership. The course is open through the year; the monsoon months between July and September are particularly good for golfing since the highly watered turf becomes springy and the yardage increases.

Naldehra got its name from the Nag temple (or Dehra of the god Nag) which lies bang in the centre of the course. Besides the glorious golfing, you can go for long walks through the woods and picnics in the valley. Drive off to the thick forests of Mashobra (12 km) or the hot sulphur springs of Tatapani (30 km). This is just the ideal mountain break to lift your spirits.

How To Get There - Naldehra

By Air
The closest airport is at Jubbar-Hatti, 45 km away.

By Rail
The nearest narrow gauge railhead is at Shimla, 23 km away.

By Road
Chandigarh is 139 km, Manali is 282 km and Delhi is at a distance of 392 km.