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VISITOR Visa Requirements for OMAN (DELHI)
  • Option 1- E-visa can be arranged by Jetsave. For this we need

    • Scanned copy of passport (First and Last page)
    • Recent Coloured Scan Photograph (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa) with Blue background
    • Copy of VALID Schengen visa or Valid visa to USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Japan
    • Copy of Hotel booking
    • Copy of Return ticket


  • Option 2- Stamped Visa For this, the applicant need to contact the Embassy and take Guidelines from the Embassy official website for the documents required for Visa Processing and applicant him/herself needs to apply for visa online at this website, take a print of the Online Receipt and submit the documents along with it to the Embassy personally for visa processing.


    Visit to Oman ( 30 days) PAX TO HAVE VALID SCHENGEN Visa or a Valid visa to one of the following countries ( USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Japan)

    10 Days Visa - Rs 10,000/-
    30 Days visa - Rs 14000/-
    Visa Fees Non Refundable if Visa is rejected

Processing Time
    7-10 working days

Submission Days
    Monday , Tuesday and Thursday

Submission Time
    10 am to 12 noon

Collection Days
    Monday till Friday.

Special Instructions
    Oman Single Entry E-Visa = 3 Month Validity (ENTRY VISA), 10 Days stay
    Oman 1 Year Multiple Entry E-Visa = 6 Month Validity (ENTRY VISA), 30 Days stay per entry