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Location : In North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela
Capital : Bridgetown
Area : 430 sq km
Population : Approximate 270,000
Climate : Tropical climate is tempered by an almost constant sea breeze
BarbadosA photographer’s dream comes true in Barbados. One of the most famous tourist destinations on the Caribbean islands, Barbados is acclaimed all over for its idyllic beaches and fun-filled thrilling adventures. Memories of Barbados tour leave indelible mark on your mind. One is never able to forget cool atmosphere of Barbados beaches.

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Barbados, located in West Indies, has plenty of activities to keep you perpetually busy. It provides you with every beach activity, whether you want to lazily bath in the sun on a tranquil beach while sipping a tropical cocktail, or pack your holiday with water-sports and fun activities. Discover the marine life of Barbados on a diving expedition or snorkelling trip. If you want your vacations full of thrill, you might opt for a horseback or safari tour. In short, Barbados enables you to create your own adventure which become memorable.

The laid-back island is highly acclaimed for lovely beaches and crystal clear water. Music with rhythm, extremely tasty food as well as rich historic and cultural heritage make Barbados highly attractive for the visitors. Capital Bridgetown has number of impressive colonial buildings. Old churches and traditional chattel houses dot Barbados. Nature admirers would find magnificent wildlife and indigneous wildlife. Tour of the island varies from evocative historic tours to thrilling safari tours.

Barbados beaches leave lasting impression on the visitors. Difference between the east and west coast can catch any visitor’s attention. Warm waters brimming with multi-hued fish in beautiful coral reefs fascinate the tourists. Undewater caves are always ready to cast their magical spell. Lush tropical folliage in the vicinity of these beaches is also very beautiful.