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Location : Northern South America, between Suriname and Venezuela
Capital : Georgetown
Climate : Tropical, generally hot and humid; Northeast trade winds flow along the coast
Population : Approximate 8 lakhs


Guyana Exciting adventure and lovely landscape make Guyana special. Guyana is blessed with marvellous landscape by Mother Nature which is used by the visitors to make their vacations highly entertaining. White stretches of sand perpetually being kissed by waves create a sort of impression which is never erased from the memory.

Activities Sports
Guyana of West Indies is an exciting place for people who love adventure. You can use boat or light aircraft to explore the extraordinary natural beauty of the island. Listen to intriguing and sometimes frightening calls of wild beasts as you pass through the jungle. Wild cats stroll in the forest and monkey cavort through the trees.

Awesome natural splendour of Guyana never fails to astound the visitors. Stupendous Kaieteur Falls along the Potaro River, five times the height of Niagara, are thronged by the visitors. The tourists arrive for adventure activities sports like camping, trekking and fishing. They can fulfil their every fantasy here.
Capital Georgetown
Georgetown, the capital and primary port of Guyana, is a lovely town dotted by comfortable hotels, inns and restaurants. St. George’s Cathedral, located in Georgetown, is the tallest wooden structure in the world. The town is knwon for impressive colonial buildings and broad, tree-lined streets. Guyana was for long a Dutch, and then a British colony, and the colonial architecture testifies to the fact.