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Traveller Tips
Tips for Travellers
The Exotic, for centuries, has intrigued the discerning traveller as an alluring, captivating and enchanting destination! With FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE, the journey takes on a whole new dimension. Come, discover the treasures and unravel the mysteries of exotic destinations on our Duniya Dekho Tours. To help you pack in comfort and convenience, detailing and quality, please find below a few suggestions and general advice, to make this holiday simply perfect.
Shop Till You Drop !
Dubai is a shoppers paradise. One of the largest retail gold markets in the world, it sells everything from ingots to ornately worked jewellery. Spices like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, incense, dried fruit and nuts are imported from all over the Middle East and sold here! The latest electronics, the finest European perfumes, textiles, there is nothing you cannot pick up at bargain prices, especially at shopping festival time! Souvenirs from Egypt include papyrus paintings, carpets, perfumes, mother-ofpearl inlaid wood, jewellery, brassware, carpets and leather goods. In Greece, shop for sculptures, ceramics, handicrafts, wines, rugs, pottery, lace, embroidery, icons and jewellery - of particular interest is the gold jewellery with Greek designs and beautiful silver jewellery set with precious stones. In Kenya, shop for local handicrafts, wood carvings, sisal baskets, beadwork, hand woven sarong fabric, kisii hangings, soapstone, intricately carved gourds, ebony carvings, batik wall hangings, antiques, gem stones and malactite. South Africa is a great place to buy art, beadwork, wood carvings, baskets, rugs, semi precious stones, gold and diamonds are also very reasonable.
Picture Postcard Sightseeing !
To fit in as much as we can of the Exotic Destinations within the time available, we have carefully structured our sightseeing tours as panoramic or orientation tours or visits. All sightseeing included in your tour brochure fits within these categories. Sightseeing and cruises are well planned to cover as many places of significance as possible.
Panoramic city tour
This tour gives you a view of the sights and monuments from your coach as you drive past. You will also have a few photo stops.
Orientation city tour
Here, you get off the coach and see the sights at close quarters, without going in.
A visit to a place means that you will enter the site or monument and spend some time in the place.
Tour Manager
We request you to kindly co-operate with your Tour Manager and abide by his/ her instructions, for a successful and a memorable tour.
Professional Guides
There's no substitute for a little local flavour, so we employ local guides who give the necessary perspective to specific cities and places of historic interest. They complement your Tour Manager.
Since most of your travel will be by road, we have carefully chosen an airconditioned coach for your comfort. We request you to assist us in keeping the coach neat and clean, so that all of you can be comfortable during your holiday. Please do not eat foodstuff in the coach, as there is a possibility of some leftovers spilling and soiling the coach.

We regret that, in the interest of fellow customers, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the coach.
Early check in and late check out will not be permitted by the hotel.

Most hotel rooms are air-conditioned and may have facilities like a mini-bar, pay television channels, telephones, etc. Please note that these facilities are not complimentary and have to be paid for, based on actual usage.

Some hotels offer the facility of complimentary safe deposit lockers, which can be availed of.

Please ensure that there is no damage to your hotel room during your stay, as the same would be charged to you directly by the hotel.

While checking into the hotel, wait in the lobby or coach as advised by the Tour Manager. Crowding the reception would only delay the check-in process.
We will try our best to provide you with adjacent rooms that have been requested for at the time of booking. The same will be subject to availability at the time of check-in. There is no guarantee for adjacent rooms and interconnecting rooms. However, wherever possible the tour manager and the hotel will endeavor to provide adjacent rooms.
Every FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE tour comes with a few optional exclusives, just for you. The price of the optional tours includes the cost of transportation to and from the sightseeing place; the services of a local representative; administrative and communication charges for bookings; and our professional charges in addition to entrance fees. Reservations and payments for optional tours can be made in India prior to departure. You can also pay on arrival on Day One of your tour, in US Dollars only, to the FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE Tour Manager. No credit card or TC payments will be accepted.
Stopover Packages
Check out our exciting pre and post tour packages with terrific value at attractive prices. We also feature several exciting add-ons you can choose from, according to your budget and taste.
Complimentary Gifts
A travel bag and a pouch per family are part of the travel kit from FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE.
Your Personal Tour Expenses
You need to carry money / an international credit card / Travellers Cheques for your shopping and personal expenses like tips, mineral water, tea / coffee, soft drinks, telephone calls, laundry, mini bar, pay tv channels, public toilets, etc.
Your itinerary and sightseeing are carefully scheduled, keeping in mind the driving time, visit hours etc. Hence, punctuality is essential and could impact the entire group, leading to the group having to miss out on certain parts of the itinerary if not adhered to. Please do understand that punctuality is solely in your interest to ensure that you have the full benefit of all services included in the package.

It is possible that if the group is delayed for some reason, the free time given at certain sightseeing places could be curtailed.

When free time is given during the tour, please return to the specified place at the allotted time and keep in mind your fellow traveller!
Tipping in the Exotic Destinations unlike in many parts of the world is something that is expected of anyone providing you a service, for example: Coach Driver, Porters, etc. Since your coach driver spends a large part of the day driving you safely, unloads and loads your luggage onto the coach, it is customary to tip a nominal amount of USD 02 per person per day for the duration of the tour. Please do note that the coach driver, plays a very important role in making your tour a memorable one.
Airline Information
All passengers are requested to be at the airport at the check-in counter at least 3 and 1/2 hours prior to the departure of your flight.
Passengers Meeting Point
Passengers arriving from India will be met by the FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE Tour Manager / Local representative at the Arrival Hall outside Customs.

Passengers joining the tour directly, (independent of the group), should report at the Arrival Hall outside Customs as per the group's scheduled flight, or meet in the lobby of the hotel booked for the group. However please note, that the Tour Manager / Local representative may not be available at the time you check-in as he/ she may be at the airport to receive the rest of the group.
Class of Travel
Passengers can choose to upgrade themselves to Business Class / First Class by paying the difference in airfare at the time of booking a tour.

Passengers who are deviating from the group on the return journey - those who have booked onward tickets or intend to stay back will have to make their own way to the airport or to the onward hotel.
Once on tour, as per airline regulations, no change in date, sector or extension of air tickets is permissible. Any changes must be processed at the time of booking the tour in India.
Things To Carry On Tour
A Formal Jacket / Bandgala, Jeans, T-shirts, Cotton shirts, Trousers, Shorts / Bermudas, Punjabi dress, swimsuit and formal wear for special dinners.

Casual clothing is widely acceptable.
Essential / Personal Items
Personal Toiletries, a pair of sun glasses, hat, sunscreen lotion / sunblock, alarm clock, comfortable walking shoes, pocket torch, umbrella, universal electric plug pin, video or normal camera, camera rolls or video cassettes, camera batteries and chargers, and an international roaming cellular phone, if necessary.

Medicines if required, with prescriptions, with a drug generic name listed, as the brand name would differ from country to country. Please also carry a multi-plug adaptor, as sockets vary in different countries.
Baggage Limit / Carry On / Overnight Hand Baggage
Carry one piece of luggage per person only. For air travel, the allowance is 20 kg per person for check-in baggage, and 5 kg for hand baggage. Use a strolley for easy handling as one has to carry one's own luggage.

Bearing in mind the possibility of proceeding on sightseeing directly on arrival, ensure your hand baggage includes one set of clothes, necessary documents like your passport, insurance policy, service vouchers, emergency contact numbers / toiletries, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, camera or videocam (batteries to be removed and kept in the outside pocket of your check-in baggage for easy access), film rolls and medicines, if required, during the day. Also please do not keep any money or valuables in your check - in luggage. Money and valuables should be kept with you on your person or in your hand baggage. In keeping with airline security norms, batteries, scissors, pointed metal objects, liquids, gels, cigarette lighters and match boxes should be packed in your check-in baggage.
Airline rules on baggage are subject to change. Be alert while loading and unloading your baggage at airports, railways stations, and while walking in a crowd, as there always is a possibility of being pick pocketed or robbed.
Travel Documents
You should carry your FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE tour brochure, service vouchers, air tickets, passport, passport-sized photographs, overseas travel insurance policy, emergency numbers, etc, with you.

Please carry a photocopy of all the documents listed above including valid visa pages, which are to be kept separately from the original. Example: photocopy in your suitcase and the original passport in the pouch provided to you.
Travel Insurance
Insurance for the duration of the tour is to be done through FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE and is included in your tour price. Senior citizens above the age of 59 are required to submit an ECG and Fasting Blood Sugar Report along with a form filled by an MD, not more than a month old. There will be an additional supplement on the policy depending on the medical report and tour duration.

The policy can be extended for passengers staying back on their own or on our addons, as long as they give intimation of their intention to do so and pay the necessary difference in the insurance premium at the time of booking the tour.
Time Difference
Country Hours ahead of India
China +2.30
Dubai U. A. E. -1.30
Egypt -3.30
Finland -3.30
Jordan -3.30
Kenya -2.30
Mauritius -1.30
Morocco -5.30
Norway -4.30
Russia -2.30
South Africa -3.30
Sri lanka +0.30
Sweden -4.30
Turkey -3.30
Due to the time difference, the ideal time to call you from India would be 2100 hours Indian Time. Make sure that your family clearly spell out your name and inform the receptionist that you are with the Indian Group of FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE. This will help your relatives to get through to you easily and minimize their ISD call cost
Country Currency Equivalent INR
China Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY 5.70
Egypt Egyptian Pound EGP 7.46
Finland Euro EUR 63.39
Jordan Jordanian Dinar JOD 57
Kenya Kenyan Shilling KES 0.63
Mauritius Mauritian Rupee MUR 1.51
Morocco Moroccan Dirham MAD 5.50
Norway Norwegian Krone NOK 7.87
Russia Ruble RUB 1.71
South Africa South African Rand ZAR 5.10
Sri lanka Sri Lankan Rupee LKR 0.37
Sweden Sweden Krone SEK 6.67
Turkey New Lira TRY 32.62
U. A. E - Dubai Dubai Dirham AED 11.18
As on March 15, 2008

Avoid changing money at the hotels since they offer a very poor rate of exchange. Every time you change and re-change your currency, you pay an exchange service charge and currency fluctuation, which is sometimes as high as 7-10%.

Use all loose coins and smaller denomination notes in the same country, as these cannot be exchanged for another country's currency.

If you are carrying Travelers Cheques, please keep the purchase receipt in a safe place, away from the original Travelers Cheques.

You will require your passport as identification to encash your traveler's cheques.

Figures are subject to change.

Most credit cards and US Dollar traveller's cheques are accepted widely.
The Weather - Check Out The Temperature !
City Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
SOUTH AFRICA Capetown 23 20 18 17 18 19 21 23
KENYA Nairobi 24 22 21 21 21 24 25 23
EGYPT Cairo 28 32 34 34 33 32 29 24
U. A. E. Dubai 30 34 36 38 39 37 33 31
FINLAND Helsinki 4 9 16 17 18 8 1 -4
MAURITIUS 27 26 24 24 23 25 27 28
SRI LANKA Colombo 31 31 29 29 29 29 29 29
CHINA Beijing 20 26 31 31 30 26 20 10
SWEDEN Stockholm 8 15 19 25 20 18 14 8
TURKEY Istanbul 16 21 26 28 28 25 20 15
RUSSIA Moscow 10 16 22 24 22 15 8 1
MOROCCO Marrakech 23 28 36 38 37 33 26 22
NORWAY Oslo 6 14 20 23 20 17 8 5
JORDAN Amman 23 28 31 32 32 30 26 20
*Average maximum temperature in Celsius.
All FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE Exotic tours are conducted all year around.

For further details, please look up our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section at: or www. or inquire with our sales staff.

The information contained herein is accurate at the time of going to print, but is subject to change. FAIRSKY TRAVEL HOUSE accepts no responsibility or liability for changes / omissions and any loss or inconvenience caused.